Not a lot happening?

I haven't posted lately, but not because I haven't been busy. The last exhibit I have been to was last month when I attended Whitney and Hillary's opening in Bossier. Let's see, I whipped up a painting of Melpomene, Greek Muse of Tragedy and Rhetoric. I had recently inherited some things that belonged to my sister who passed away 7 years ago, drudging up memories and sorrow, I decided to to paint my sister, Vikki as Melpomene. Vikki was into all things dark and goth. I submitted her to the RW Norton Gallery's 9 Muses exhibit, but was rejected. That's okay, it's a nice tribute anyway. I participated in Artist Sunday at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church. I also helped out with children's crafts at the church a few times over the summer. I participated in the downtown artwalk, as usual. This month we were set up in a new location and I really liked the space, although my phone got no reception and I lost a couple of sales because I couldn't accept credit cards. I'll be looking into other options in case that happens again. I've got a few things coming up in October and I am planning a trip back home in a couple of weeks. That doesn't leave me a lot of time to create new art, but I am trying.