Delta Whiskey Art

My friend Dan opened his first solo show the other night at Red River Brewing Co. in Shreveport.  Dan really proves that art is about perception. The more you look at his paintings, the more you can see in them. Trust me, there is more to his art than what meets the eye.

Dan hurls the colors at the canvas with the tenacity of unicorn spit. No, seriously, one of the pieces is titled "Unicorn Spit" and I love it. Something about the blue and purple in this one really drew me in. And then there is that colorful burst of unicorn spit in the center of the canvas, like, Pow-in your face! Ptooey!

Next to Unicorn Spit is my other favorite piece, titled "The Reach". The fluid movement of the lines and the colors against the black and white background, reminds me of an ocean wave. I grew up near the ocean and it is such an important part of my life. I miss it dearly and this piece really speaks to my soul.

As you walk around the room you find increasingly more interesting pieces. "Green with Envy" is a beautiful blend of greens and textures with mirror accents. You will find pieces inspired by life, fantasy and even some inspired by Disney. Dan uses various techniques and materials to create incredibly unique textured pieces. You can actually feel the movement in his art.

When you go, make sure to look from all angles and distances. One piece in particular looked like a pretty smear of colors up close, but from across the room, I was clearly looking down a city street in the rain. The show will be up through December, I'm not sure how long after that, so you better hurry.

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Did I mention that Dan has new business cards? You can literally pick your favorite color! So cool!